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iZ3D Announces Change of Business Strategy

By August 10, 2011April 4th, 2020News

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Sort of a cryptic announcement from iZ3D’s CTO Vadim Asadov today:


Considering the lack of a worldwide economic recovery and being aware of recent reports that 3D product releases negatively affected bottom lines of several first tier 3D companies, iZ3D, Inc decided to diversify and refocus its business efforts. iZ3D is now in the planning stages of reorganizing the company to better respond to the changing 3D market conditions and to promote joined marketing with 3rd party 3D hardware providers. Although iZ3D, Inc will continue to support its valued software customers, the speed and frequency of driver releases and debugging activities may be impacted by new development efforts that are redirected at joining forces with companies addressing the 3rd party active glasses based 3D entertainment market. Additionally, iZ3D is preparing to explore opportunities in the commercial and professional 3D software/middleware and applications market segments.

As always, iZ3D Inc. values its customers and we thank everyone for their continued support.


It’s unclear what this means exactly.  Recognizing that iZ3D has a very strong talent base of programmers with years of experience working together, we have already seen evidence that iZ3D is wisely looking to diversify their software offering outside the realm of 3D (e.g. Jetpic).

While this wasn’t discussed or confirmed by iZ3D, our guess is that they wish to further their licensing efforts and attach their 3D software drivers to specific glasses and 3D devices as a bundled marketing deal or consumer package, rather than count on end-user subscriptions to sustain their development.  It makes business sense because if a standardized 3D product is released with IZ3D software, it’s instant sales for them, and it gives consumers a fully functioning product.

iZ3D has successfully changed its business model, innovated their software, and rolled with the punches for years.  MTBS is confident that something good will come of their future developments, and we will be watching intently.

However, while the adoption of 3D has definitely been challenged, it’s not to blame for the world’s ills!  The stock market declines are right across the board.  That said, given that there is just a handful of 3D gaming websites in the world that are surrounded by anti-3D press, it’s clear that 3D needs to be better marketed to consumers directly.  Fortunately, MTBS has some cool stuff in development which should be ready in about a month.

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