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Dolby Surrounded, Mobile 3D Drivers

By July 14, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Dolby Surrounded

Yes, we know MTBS has been dead quiet this week.  However, we have a great excuse!  Dolby Laboratories flew us down for a special event to profile their updated 3D cinema experience and their latest 7.1 surround sound technology at their San Francisco headquarters.  More than that, we checked out what they have cooking for notebook computers, video games, surround sound in the home, and much much more!

There was a lot to digest, and we will have full coverage ready for you by Monday including S-3D pictures of some of the greats in stereoscopic 3D cinema.

In the meantime, we discovered a snippet of something new at  With the next Android OS upgrade, the LG Optimus 3D Smartphone is expected to support stereoscopic 3D gaming via “conversion”.  This is just an extrapolation on our part, but this is likely a confirmation that we are going to start seeing stereoscopic 3D drivers on mobile platforms the same way there are S-3D drivers on PC, which explains the requirement for the game to support the OpenGL API to qualify.  This is just an educated guess on our part…we shall see!

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