Wooden Car in 3D, Discovery 2011!

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It does NOT run on logs!

When it rains it pours!  The MTBS team is finishing up a Victoria Day Weekend, and we spotted this gem in Port Perry.  Meet John Bruce and his trusty companion, Terra!

John Bruce's & Terra's Mahogany Car!

With the exception of the engine and required car parts, John has constructed a car made out of mahogany wood.  It was a 3D street encounter we couldn't resist, and there is a good chance that John will be featured in the local "Focus on Skugog" magazine.  Yes, this car is completely road worthy!

L-R: Veronica Cole, Mina Tawadrous, Chris Zerebecki, and Brodie Stanfield at Discovery 2011

Discovery 2011 was a great show, and we managed to get some of the panels and presentations taped.  Our lab machines are still in pieces from the show, so we expect to have some footage to share with you in the next few days.

The S-3D Gaming Alliance would like to express its thanks to Veronica Cole, Mina Tawadrous, Chris Zerebecki, and Brodie Stanfield for their help at The S-3D Gaming Alliance / iGO3D exhibit at Discovery 2011.  All students from The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), they helped demonstrate several 3D hardware and software solutions to show attendees (DDD, Nvidia, PS3, and Big Blue Bubble).  It was great to see industry professionals and students checking out the booth and gaming in 3D...some of them refused to leave!  We will have more to share in the coming days.

For those waiting on Andres Hernandez' (Cybereality) second part of the Acer 27" 3D monitor, the wait is almost over!  He took new 3D pictures of the display, and made some discoveries that go beyond hardware.  We expect to have it up as early as tomorrow.