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Newest MTBS Member! (UPDATED)

By May 6, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Many people may not be aware, but in addition to the contributions made by stereoscopic 3D gamers, Meant to be Seen is very much a family business which was founded by Neil Schneider and his wife, Pam Swartz (MetalQueen).

The force is strong with this one!

The force is strong with this one!

The MTBS team is very proud to announce its latest member: Daniel Joseph (DJ) Schneider!  Despite warnings of watching 3D while pregnant, Daniel was born the evening of April 30th, 2011 at just over eight pounds.  He has already adopted a true gamer’s sleeping and pooping schedule which is broken up into two to three hour increments, and he somehow manages to get away with avoiding all responsibilities.

Neil Schneider (CEO of MTBS) + DJ + Snickers!

Neil Schneider (CEO of MTBS) + DJ + Snickers!

What is funny is that Pam’s labour began while talking to Andres Hernandez (Cybereality) on the phone for one of his upcoming review pieces.

We made a work-related discovery as well.  MTBS has plans to go through a software upgrade, but in the meantime, we were very puzzled that despite all the content on the site and its regular traffic, there was limited commentary from members.  We learned that a bug was preventing new visitors from easily registering on the site, and this has held things back.  We have a temporary workaround in place until things get fixed up.  Thanks for your patience!

Good news!  It appears the bug has been fixed!  Let us know if you continue to have registration problems via

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