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Report Reports on Nothing to Report…in 3D

By May 3, 2011April 4th, 2020News

We have been very busy for reasons which will be explained at a later time (we have a good excuse!).  However, MTBS spotted this story which is making a lot of hubbub in the press, and it’s really a whole lot of nothing (which also begs the question of why we are reporting on it!).  TCO Development has released a comparative study of LCD shutter glasses versus polarized technology on 3D HDTVs.  Eight pages later, the only conclusion that is reachable is that…well…there is no conclusion.  Really!  There wasn’t a conclusion section written in the report!  It’s just filled with fancy formulas to demonstrate what everybody already knows:

I. Polarized displays (interlaced) cuts the resolution in half and tends to be brighter.  If they are linear polarized (as is the case with many 3D HDTVs), you get a more limited range of movement and glasses rotation.
II. Shutter glasses are mildly darker, but you get full resolution per eye, and a fuller range of movement.

Hallelujah! We just saved you eight pages of reading!

Actually, this report does have a major exclusion which makes it very problematic.  It doesn’t once mention the name or model of the 3D HDTVs or glasses being tested.  We can tell you out of experience that there are countless 3D HDTV models and glasses options and configurations, and they aren’t born equal.  The super-precise findings (if you can call them findings) from this report are much too general to be of any value.

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