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Stereoscopic 3D Gaming at FMX 2011!

By April 28, 2011April 4th, 2020News

FMX 2011


The S-3D Gaming Alliance is pleased to announce that it is an Event Partner for FMX 2011!  For those unfamiliar, FMX is Europe’s leading conference for digital animation and special effects.  It is often coined as Europe’s SIGGRAPH!

This year, the alliance arranged for two special guest speakers to talk about stereoscopic 3D gaming:

Dr. Sebastien Schertenleib  is the Principal Engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and will give an indepth talk about how to go about creating stereoscopic 3D video games on the Sony PlayStation 3 platform!  We’ve seen similar talks by Sony at other conferences, and they tend to give a great primer on important concepts that game developers should be aware of.  Sebastien has also been involved with academic research projects creating 3D mixed reality systems using stereoscopic visualization while completing his PhD in Computer Graphics at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

Dr. Bill Kapralos is an Assistant Professor in the Game Development and Entrepreneurship Program (Faculty of Business and Information Technology) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.  His current research interests include multi-modal virtual environments/reality, serious and more specifically, examining the factors that lead to a maximum transfer of knowledge and retention, the perception of auditory events, and 3D (spatial) sound generation for interactive virtual environments and video games.

What makes Bill’s presentation unique is that one of his specialities is understanding the relationship between sound, graphics, and stereoscopic 3D graphics.  We don’t want to spoil the fun too much, but audio may play an even more important role to how 3D graphics are perceived than people realize!  Maybe…you will have to go and see (or hear) for yourself!

Dr. Kapralos is also directly involved with the iGO3D Initiative which will also be discussed at the conference.


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