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Toshiba 3D Notebook Details Revealed! (UPDATED)

By April 7, 2011April 4th, 2020News

While we are starting to see stories about Toshiba’s upcoming stereoscopic 3D laptops, we know that MTBS members deserve MORE!  So here it is.

Toshiba 3D Notebook

Toshiba 3D Notebook

We had the benefit of a private demo of the Toshiba 15.6″ 3D notebook computer prototype last week, and it’s the same one we had photographed in 3D at CES 2011.

This unit is based on glasses-free lenticular technology.  What makes Toshiba’s display competitively advantageous is that it’s full resolution 1080P in 2D, and 50% resolution in 3D.  It’s a similar idea to an interlaced polarized display, except instead of the vertical resolution being cut in half in 3D, it’s the horizontal resolution that gets impacted.  Another benefit is that this notebook is capable of showing stereoscopic 3D in a window while it is surrounded by a full resolution 2D screen – all without glasses!

For those concerned about being forced to sit in a fixed position, worry not!  With the help of an embedded web camera, the unit features eye tracking that carefully adjusts the image according to where you are seated.  This gives you a wide range of movement that other solutions lack.  However, eye tracking only works for one person at a time, so multi-person 3D viewing is problematic…for now.

Toshiba isn’t going at this alone as their software and notebook are labelled with the SuperD logo.  Keep an eye out for them.

Finally, MTBS was surprised to learn that auto-stereoscopic 3D technology in this form is cheaper than shutter glasses.  We can’t discuss pricing or exact specs yet, but depending on installed notebook components, we think members will find the pricing to be extremely reasonable.  The aniticpated launch date is third or fourth quarter of 2011.

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