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Does 3D Make You More Attentive?

By March 29, 2011April 4th, 2020News

BDA Commisioned 3D Study

This is interesting!  Pocket-Lint ran a story about a 3D study commissioned by The Blu-Ray Disc Association.  According to this  study carried out by independent research firm Mindlab, people are 12% more attentive when watching a 3D Blu-Ray compared to a traditional Blu-Ray, and are 29% more attentive with 3D Blu-Ray compared to an old-style DVD.

While the study has glasses-free holes you can drive a truck through (e.g. the tiny sample size of just twenty-four people), it shouldn’t surprise anyone that 3D would have this positive impact.  Had they done something similar for stereoscopic 3D gaming, we are confident the results would have been even higher.

Recognizing that we are preaching to the choir, and just to put the question out there, how would you differentiate a 3D gaming experience from a traditional 2D gaming experience?  Are you more into the game and/or more attentive?  How so?  What lengths would you go to to maintain these benefits (if any)?

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