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Moving on up!

By March 25, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Nintendo 3DS, Crysis 2, and Nvidia’s GTX 590…couldn’t care less.  Why you ask?

MTBS' New Digs!

After working in a cramped and very inconvenient working space for years, we are very excited about moving to a bigger place!  Finally, we will have enough room to set up a decent 3D lab, test and review games on multiple solutions at a time, and do more GPU benchmarking in stereoscopic 3D.  We’re even entertaining the idea of getting a 3D projector and trying some new things.

Of course. we’re just kidding about 3DS, Crysis 2, and Nvidia’s new class of GPU.  A Nintendo 3DS review is already in the works, and we have other things cooking too.  Stay tuned!

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