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MasterImage 3D Secures Fifteen Big Ones!

By March 22, 2011April 4th, 2020News

MasterImage 3D Logo

It looks like MasterImage is doing very well for themselves these days.  They just recently announced a new round of investment from Samsung Ventures valued at fifteen million dollars!

For those unfamiliar, MasterImage 3D has a dual business.  First, they are a growing competitior in the 3D cinema space and go head to head against players like RealD.  Second, they make autostereoscopic 3D display panels that get sandwiched on LCD layers as well as development tools for their display solutions.  What sets them apart is unlike a stripped parallax barrier technology, their format is more of a mesh and is promoted as having a superiod 3D experience.  As demonstrated at CES 2011 and Mobile World Congress, we know that 3D gaming is in their heart, so what comes of this $15 million dollar investment should prove interesting.

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