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YouTube 3D A Work in Progress

By February 27, 2011April 4th, 2020News

The other day, we posted a story about YouTube 3D changing its policy on 3D compatibility and which formats it will play back.  The issue was that earlier uploaded 3D content would no longer work.  Since it went to print, members have been getting mixed results.

YouTube Side by Side

After Cybereality shared this story in our forums, we checked our own 3D content and found that most of it was stretched in the wrong proportions.  This was a complete surprise because it has always been playing back correctly since the beginning.  Adding one and one together, it seemed apparent that it was a change in YouTube’s encoding structure as described.

Based on results from members, this may not have been intentional by YouTube.  Please share your experiences, fixes, and workarounds below.

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