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Comcast’s Xfinity 3D Launched!

By February 21, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Xfinity 3D Launched

Answering the chasm of missing 3D content, Comcast proudly debuted their new Xfinity 3D 24 hour channel today with the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Heritage Classic game between the Canadians and Flames (see?  3D always has a Canadian connection!).  Capitalizing on visually interesting content, Xfinity promises a whole series of 3D documentaries about African safaris, haunted castles, the ocean deep, the surface of the sun…ok, getting a bit much already – we get it, we get it!

We think Xfinity 3D and channels like it will be a great social experiment to see how willing consumers are to wear 3D glasses and under what circumstances.  Will they watch movies?  Will they tune into 3D sports?  Will certain classes of content be more popular than others?  Will glasses drop out of the mental psyche the way headphones are a non-issue for iPods?  Is this going to be a generational technology that will only appeal to certain age groups?

Share your thoughts and findings!

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