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Is Sharp as Sharp Through 3D Glasses?

By February 18, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Going beyond the press releases, MTBS has been sharing 3D pictures of the latest 3D HDTVs through the glasses themselves.  We will be the first to tell you that our 3D camera doesn’t do these televisions justice, but this is a good indicator of how much crosstalk you can expect – if any.

Sharp Aquos 3D HDTV

Since 2010, Sharp Aquos has been promoting itself as offering competitive screensize advantages and a special yellow pixel in its display matrix.  Why is this yellow pixel so important, you ask?  According to Sharp, this extra pixel makes it possible to display richer colors, and for 3D enthusiasts like us, a significantly brighter picture.

Sharp Aquos Through 3D Glasses

While the loss of clarity is 100% our fault, this is a pretty good indicator for the brightness you can expect out of this television with 3D glasses.  We weren’t sure if the crosstalk in the image is a flaw of the television, or a synchronization problem between the camera and the shutterglasses because we don’t remember seeing obvious ghosting on the show floor.  However, only certain parts of the image have ghosting, so it’s likely a limitation of the technology.

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