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Panasonic 3D LED HDTV Revealed (through glasses)!

By February 17, 2011April 4th, 2020News

Panasonic 3D LED HDTV Display at CES 2011

Panasonic just announced their 2011 lineup of 3D LED HDTVs which includes the DT30 and DT35 range.  According to Panasonic, they are made with “IPS Alpha” panels which make it possible to get scan rates down to 2ms and dramatically reduce crosstalk.

Panasonic 3D LED as seen through glasses!

MTBS was onsite when Panasonic demonstrated their 3D LED HDTVs at CES 2011, and we were lucky to get a 3D picture through the glasses on the show floor.  We were impressed because with the exception of plasma 3D HDTVs in 2010, LED has been prone to much higher levels ghosting and crosstalk.

Our 3D camera doesn’t do the TV justice, but see what you think!

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