MTBS-TV: Sony 3D Cameras & Head Mounted Display!

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Amy Koppman (Sony) with 3D Bloggie Camera

Today we are doubling up the CES 2011 videos with two interviews from our visit to Sony's CES 2011 exhibit!

Sony's 3D Cameras

First up is Sony's 3D Handycam and 3D Bloggie.  From what we can tell, these units offered the most separation between lenses for the consumer market, and they had a number of unique features which will be revealed in the above interview!

Experimental Sony 3D HMD

Sony's 3D Head Mounted Display

Sony's HMD prototype has been getting a lot of media attention - find out why!  This was very you think Sony will follow through with a released product?

There is a lot more CES 2011 coverage coming down the pipe!