HDMI 1.4 Mystery Solved at CES!

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We all understand why Sony PlayStation 3 limits 3D performance to 1280X720P resolution in stereoscopic 3D gaming.  There is clearly a performance limitation that creates a barrier of what can be realistically achieved, and 720P is pretty standard with traditional 2D console games anyway.

Left to right: Gabriele Collier, Charlene Wan, Steve Venuti from HDMI Licensing

However, in the case of the upcoming Nvidia 3DTV Play software, and AMD's HD3D solution, HDMI 1.4A displays are limited to 1280X720P for gaming purposes.  With all that horsepower under the hood, why is this barrier so difficult to break?

Today we find out!  Check out the above interview with Steve Venuti, President of HDMI Licensing.  Please note that the performance Steve is talking about is related to HDMI bandwidth, and not graphics card processing power.

We have a lot more to share, but we will have to post the stories later.