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MTBS’ 3D Buyers Guide Released!

By November 25, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Neil Schneider (MTBS CEO, Left), Tuo-Te, Andrew Swartz (right)

Gobble, gobble!  Ready to buy your next 3D HDTV this Black Friday?  Getting set to blow your friends away with a brand new 3D monitor?  WAIT!  It’s important to be informed before making these wise purchases!

MTBS has put together a series of buying guide videos for consumers taking the 3D plunge for the first time.  Learn how 3D technologies work, determine which displays are right for you, and save some money in the process!  Whether you are shopping for a 3D HDTV or an eye blowing PC monitor, watch these videos first to ensure you get the awesome 3D experience you deserve!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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