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MTBS Benchmarks Stereoscopic 3D Gaming!

By November 11, 2010April 4th, 2020News

While traditional gaming media has every benchmark under the sun, it’s very rare to find ratings for modern stereoscopic 3D drivers like DDD, iZ3D, and Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision.  This is completely understandable because it’s much more time consuming, the drivers don’t work equally well with the available measurement tools (e.g. FRAPS), and game setting expectations are different from one solution to the next.

AMD HD 6870 Nvidia GTX285

We’ve been getting our share of graphics cards for game testing, and it got us thinking.  What’s stopping us from doing some benchmarking on MTBS?  Could we share information that other sites don’t?  Let’s find out!

Today we reveal our first attempt with the AMD HD 6870, the Nvidia GTX285, a Zalman 3D monitor, and leading stereoscopic 3D drivers by DDD, iZ3D, and Nvidia.  This is not designed to be a competition between graphics hardware, but we think you will find it very informative nonetheless.

Check it out and please share your feedback at the tail end of the article.

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