U-Decide Winners Revealed, GDC 3D Gaming Panel Part IV!

By October 29, 2010 April 4th, 2020 News

U-Decide 2010

Your patience has paid off!  We are very excited to reveal the final prize list and the U-Decide 2010 winners!  While all the names were picked randomly from a hat, the video game and software give-away choices were largely determined by the gaming systems you listed in your completed surveys.  We did this to avoid the problem of winners getting prizes they couldn’t use (e.g. getting a PS3 game when you only own an XBOX).

Please make sure your profiles and email information is up to date so we can get these prizes to your doorsteps!  Congratulations again!

For those who have been following this, GDC Online’s killer 3D panel continues with audience questions.  This time, the big subjects include 3D safety, comfort, and the supposed gimmick factor!

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  • winlonghorn says:

    Awesome! Thank you Neil! I will look forward to the game a lot! :) I also look forward to the help that this input will provide to the industry! Your site is truly awesome! :)

  • Avatar BXDfreedom says:

    wow thats great congratz to all winners! can’t believe i won! :D Thanx!

  • Avatar Likay says:

    Congratz all!

  • winlonghorn says:

    I agree with that as well. Congratulations to everybody else who won as well. Bigger prizes were possible, but it is rare that I win anything, so this is a great! Thank you again! :)

  • falcon21 says:

    My patience hasn’t paid off anything…

  • Avatar BlackShark says:

    Oh Wow ! I won something ! 3D capable video editing software, that is great.
    That means I’ll have to make a new 3D video to edit with it. cool :)

  • Avatar cybereality says:

    Yeah boy! I actually won! It was just what I wanted too (well aside from the Panny of course). Congratulations to everyone. Very nice!

  • Avatar Fredz says:

    It’s nice to see two long time forumers winning a prize. And a 3D video editing suite too, can’t wait to see 3D movies by BlackShark and cybereality ! :)

  • Avatar metalqueen says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Avatar cybereality says:

    Yeah, I know. I was getting discouraged cause it seems like all the winners were “hit-and-run” members that had never made a post before and just signed up for the contest. For example, two of the winners were named “user1823” and “user1802”. That almost seems like a bot to me, or if its not a bot its the same guy pulling some scam. But I suppose Neil wanted to pull in traditional 2D gamers from outside the forum to contribute, so I guess the tactic worked.

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