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GDC Online’s 3D Gaming Panel, Part I

By October 26, 2010April 4th, 2020News

While the press did a fair bit of coverage about this 3D gaming panel, it’s always good to see what happened straight from the source!

From left to right : Neil Schneider (Executive Director, The S-3D Gaming Alliance), Keith Leonard (Engine Designer, Schell Games), Andrew Fear (Product Manager, Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision), David Coombes (Platform Research Manager, SCEA).  Andrew Oliver, CTO of Blitz Games Studios is moderating.

Having taken place at GDC Online, this is the first part of the panel which featured discussion about the (purportedly ) reduced performance of 3D movies in theaters and the justification for game developers to take an active interest in stereoscopic 3D gaming.

We have the entire panel on the ready, and will release more segments in the coming days.  It’s rare to see the majority of industry players at the same table like this, so we hope you enjoy what had to be shared!

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