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Cool Bei Yang Video Demo From GDC Online

By October 13, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Bei Yang, Concept Designer for Walt Disney Imagineering at GDC Online

This is actually pretty cool!  Bei Yang from Walt Disney Imagineering did a convincing demonstration that with the help of stereoscopic 3D technology, the illusion that the viewer is in the same room as what is being shown on a 3D display can seem very real.  It’s a good thing that MTBS had the benefit of a stereoscopic 3D camera to capture the magic.

Visit YouTube Page for 3D Viewing Options

Viewers were instructed to walk by the display at the same speed as the moving marker at the bottom of the screen so the illusion can take effect.  Bei was a bit envious when he saw us duplicate his demo with the help of a trusty pocket 3D camera.

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