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U-Decide Concludes, Preliminary Results TOMORROW!

By October 4, 2010April 4th, 2020News

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The S-3D Gaming Alliance, Meant to be Seen, and The U-Decide Initiative partners would like to thank everyone for their participation.  The first time we did this in 2009, we had a total of 714 respondents.  This year, we had 1,169 surveys completed with approximately 60% composed of traditional 2D gamers, and the remaining 40% completed by experienced stereoscopic 3D gamers that own 3D equipment of their own.

Almost 75% of the 2D gamer respondents are from North America, and over 15% more are from Europe.  Most importantly, the participants are very diverse as far as which gaming solutions they own, and which they consider dominant (i.e. PC or console).

Texas Capitol Building

The MTBS team is in Austin, Texas getting set to announce some of the preliminary results at GDC Online on Tuesday.  We look forward to sharing some of these key details on MTBS as soon as possible.  The prize draw date will be announced shortly.  Good luck and thank you!


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