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Volfoni, Hyundai IT, Last Chance For U-Decide!

By September 28, 2010April 4th, 2020News

When going to 3D conferences, we are always look forward to spotting the surprises.


Jérôme Testut and Bernard Mendiburu, Volfoni

During one of the 3D Entertainment Summit luncheons, we bumped into Jérôme Testut and Bernard Mendiburu from Volfoni – a new 3D glasses manufacturer.  Initially focused on 3D cinema distribution, a consumer model is in the works.

We did not have the opportunity to try the glasses out in action, but they strike us as being both light and comfortable over our prescription lenses.  As to their 3D performance…time will tell!

Hyundai IT 3D Wall

Hyundai IT 3D Wall

Hyundai IT also had a polarized 3D wall on display featured interlaced panels.  Now, if they had some 3D gaming on display – it would have ROCKED!

The U-Decide Initiative

Just a friendly reminder that the U-Decide Initiative finishes on October 1st.  If you haven’t completed a survey yet, this is your last chance to win one of over fifty prizes.  You will be kicking yourself if you miss out given the high probability of winning something.  Both traditional 2D gamers and experienced stereoscopic 3D gamers are welcome to participate.


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