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VRX Chair, Nvidia Talks Streaming, All-in-One 3D PC

By September 27, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Neil Schneider (MTBS) on the VRX / 3D Vision Chair

Anybody out there have $30,000 to spare?  If you do, the VRX Racing Chair combined with an Nvidia 3D setup is a great investment!  Featuring gear shift, pedals, speakers, and shake-shake-shake functionality, you won’t find a more immersive experience.  Mind you, a 3D big projector would be nice too!

This is why we love our jobs!

More Nvidia footage from The 3D Entertainment Summit below!

MTBS-TV, Andrew Fear (Nvidia)

This time, Andrew Fear talks about Nvidia’s 3D Vision Live video streaming, and their Nvidia 3D Vision compliant Asus all-in-one PC.

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