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Sony Vaio 3D Prototype, PS3 Firmware, PS3 Move Bundle

By September 2, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Sony Vaio 3D Prototype

Expected to be released in spring 2011, Sony will continue its full force push into 3D with a new line of 3D notebook computers.  Based on LCD shutter glasses, this is a picture of a Sony Vaio prototype, and is not necessarily what the final product will look like.  Props to CNET for getting this.

At IFA, Sony also confirmed that the new PS3 firmware update featuring Blu-Ray 3D support is expected in October.  

Sony PS3 Move Bundle

If members are interested in 3D gaming on console, we have word that the PlayStation 3 Move Bundle, which includes a 320GB PS3, PlayStation Move (the motion capture wand), and Sports Champions will be released on September 17th (in Canada at least).  The bundle is estimated at under $400 in Canadian funds.  Perhaps it is worth waiting until then to take the plunge into 3D console gaming?  (Through PS3, at least)

This might also explain the delay in the Sony PS3 firmware update…

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