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Latest 3D Study by Deloitte, Developer Opinions

By August 27, 2010April 4th, 2020News

UK Customers

Findings of a recent study put out by Deloitte says that UK consumers are unlikely to buy a 3D TV.  To be more precise, they found that consumers had limited interest in getting an HDTV altogether.  However, in the same article, manufacturers and retailers both commented how they are reasonably pleased with sales, and are much more hopeful.

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The first results of The U-Decide Initiative will not be revealed until GDC Online in early October.  We have not done a thorough analysis of the findings because there is still a month remaining for data collection.  Taking a cursory look at the data so far, we think the findings in these alternate studies are too pessimistic, and it’s clear that the demand for 3D is much more diversified.  We are hopeful that when the U-Decide findings are revealed, they are equally well covered by the press.

Interestingly enough, game developers are far more positive.  Credit goes to Recostar for spotting this video:

If you haven’t already, be sure to complete a U-Decide Initiative survey, and qualify for one of over fifty prizes.  While we are pleased with the diversity of the results, it’s important that our sample is big enough, and every submission helps!

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