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iZ3D Shutter Glasses Support…Possibly!

By August 17, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Something new is cooking in the iZ3D camp!

Viewsonic / iZ3D Driver Mix

I’m afraid we know less than more, but the promotional page promises compatibility with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, and is based on LCD shutter glasses technology.  Our understanding is that Chi-Mei (CMO) makes Viewsonic panels, which explains why the drivers are under the CMO name.  This is also a potential indicator for how wide the iZ3D license agreements can potentially spread (i.e. who buys CMO panels?)!

Since this is both Nvidia and AMD compatible, our bet is on DLP-Link technology between the monitor and the glasses because it’s something that does not require deep GPU synchronization or a proprietary USB connector.  Instead, synchronization is handled through an imperceptable white flash phase that is recognized by the glasses.  We could be wrong, of course, but HDMI 1.4A does not include LCD shutter glasses synchronization technology, and this is the only option we know of that is beyond the direct control of the graphics card manufacturers.

We think the page is more for show at this point as we are unaware of the glasses being available for purchase (at least, not the ones in the picture).  You thoughts?  Share them below!

CORRECTION!  In the forum thread below, DmitryKo reminded us that DLP-Link is usually associated with DLP projectors and DLP HDTVs, not traditional 120Hz LCD monitors.  Share your own theories in the attached comments thread.

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