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Final Part of Crytek Interview is UP!

By August 13, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Crysis 2

“In my opinion, most of the game developers need more guts.” – Jens Schöbel, Crytek

We finally released part three of our interview with Jens Schöbel, Technical Designer (and stereoscopic 3D wiz) for Crytek!  Today, Jens talks about industry cohesion, product branding, and 3D game certification.  Very interesting, indeed!  Check the interview out, and share your remarks.

Remember to check out part one and part two.  If you haven’t already, remember to complete The U-Decide Initiative too – there could be a free 3D HDTV in it for you (or one of over fifty other prizes!)


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