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It started with a blog written by Steve Peterson that listed his five leading reasons for 3D to fail.  After a quick email exchange, we got the go ahead to share our view too!  Check it out!  The best part is if you read the comments below, it’s very healthy debate for both sides, which is good to see.

Just a reminder that The U-Decide Initiative is still going full force with over 50 prizes up for grabs.  If anyone has had technical difficulties getting the survey submitted, or is unsure if their submission was properly completed, feel free to email us to confirm.  If you got a confirmation screen after making a submission, everything is a-ok!  If not, please contact us to make sure your are on record and to diagnose the problem if necessary.  We also added additional information to help with the submission process.

We are hoping to have the first instalment of the Crytek interview up by Tomorrow (Tuesday).  Fingers crossed!

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