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GDC Online, Nvidia Update, Crytek News

By July 29, 2010April 4th, 2020News

GDC Online

The S-3D Gaming Alliance and GDC Online (Game Developers Conference in Austin, Texas) are pleased to announce a media partnership around their upcoming 3D Summit taking place in early October.  A fraction of the speakers list has been revealed, and we have high expectation that this will be a must-attend conference for game developers.  We will reveal more in August.

Acer 24  Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision

MTBS would like to thank Nvidia for sending us updated 3D gaming equipment for game testing purposes.  In addition to a Fermi 470 GPU for DirectX 11 compatibility testing, they also sent us an Acer Full HD 24″ 3D Monitor.  Balanced with our new Zalman 24″ 3D monitor, all future game reviews can now be tested with 1080P specs in stereoscopic 3D.

Crytek Logo

Last but not least, we are going through the final approval process for our interview with Crytek!  At first glance, we think our readers will be very intrigued by what they have to share, and will be equally impressed by the time they spent answering the questions.  If all goes to plan, the first part of this review should be up by Monday.  Stay tuned!

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