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Over 30% Surveyed Want 3D HDTV This Year!

By July 2, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Kakaku ran an online survey of 8,957 people and found that over 30% of respondents are interested in buying a new 3D HDTV this year!  We think this is an amazing figure because it accounts for the early adopters that will pay the premium, versus the other 70% which will jump on further down the road – the way they did with traditional HDTVs.

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Of those that rejected buying a 3D HDTV this year, 70% criticized the glasses, 57% said the prices are too high, and 40% said that there isn’t enough content.  No big surprises here, though it would be interesting to hear the exact argument against the glasses.  For example, when NPD did their study, the objection to the glasses wasn’t that they are silly (as the media promotes), but that consumers were worried that there wouldn’t be enough glasses to go around!  Very different problem!

All in all, MTBS is very happy with these numbers.  What are your thoughts?

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