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MTBS-TV: Two Episodes, S-3D Gaming History Concludes!

By June 14, 2010April 4th, 2020News

E3 Expo

MTBS is pleased to report that E3 Expo launches tomorrow, and the world (ourselves included) are waiting for stereoscopic 3D gaming announcements.  For now, Nintendo’s 3DS is capturing most of the media’s attention with their portable 3D gaming system.  It sounds very cool!

To celebrate the launch of E3, we completed our series about the history of stereoscopic 3D gaming.  We had planned to do an episode last week, but because of encoding problems, we did one better.  We got two final episodes, and they are available today.  Yes, they are produced in stereoscopic 3D!

Part V talks about modern console gaming in 3D and how it all got started with what we call foot in mouth disease.  When you see this video, you will understand why encoding it was very difficult.  It also features a lot of 3D game footage.

Part VI concludes the series, and we talk about the leading challenges that have and continue to face 3D gaming.  We also talk about the leading initiatives to make 3D gaming a long term success.

Remember to go to the original YouTube links shown above to get the 3D viewing options.  While the history series is over (for now), the story continues!  We will continue to produce MTBS-TV episodes.  We hope you like them!

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