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PS3 Updates, AMD 3D News

By May 31, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Looks like June is going to be the month of the 3D console!

According to, Pain will be the first new PS3 title that is optimized to support stereoscopic 3D gaming.  It is also going to feature a “Pain Pack” that adds two new challenges specifically designed for S-3D televisions.  They quote June 3rd as the release date, so we will have to wait and see just a bit longer.

Gran Turismo 5 in Tokyo

1UP revealed Gran Turismo 5 being shown in Tokyo.  Very cool!  While the author criticized it for having a “pop-up book” appearance, it didn’t have the easy to see trade-offs or  reduced visual settings that S-3D gaming on console is regularly accused of.  Sony went all out by showing a series of demos in a coffee shop in late May.

It’s irritating that the author remarked “though 3D images can be hard to watch for a long period of time, GT5 was relatively easy to look at”.  It’s written as though Gran Turismo 5 is the exception to the rule, rather than the standard in 3D comfort.  That’s just silly.  NOTE TO SONY: for credible sarcasm-free reporting, send all media samples to

Last but not least, we have a brief video clip featuring AMD and stereoscopic 3D gaming.  Don’t get super excited because this is clearly an interlaced solution and is not a 120Hz (LCD shutter glasses compatible) display.  Good to see AMD getting involved in S-3D gaming, though.

With E3 around the bend, we have a few things cooking.  Check back regularly.

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