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75 Million S-3D PCs Predicted by 2014…Unless!

By May 27, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Jon Peddie Research has put out their first report about stereoscopic 3D on PC (“Stereovision in PCs”), and they have a lot of great things to share!

S-3D Capable Shipments

“Gaming will be the vehicle for kick-starting the S-3D PC market…The gaming segment has the largest inventory of content and the most vocal enthusiasts who will spread the word and show their friends and families what it looks like and what it can do. They will ignite the imagination of the non-gamers. However, our forecast is that the S-3D market will soar within the next three years based on the expectation that good quality content will be produced, and the incremental cost for S-3D will diminish, if not disappear. Otherwise history will repeat itself and it will be reduced to a small volume novelty market”Dr. Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research

SAM Market Value

JPR’s prediction is that while one million dedicated stereoscopic 3D PCs will ship in 2010, this will grow to as much as 75 million dedicated S-3D PCs by 2014 – if certain conditions are met.  As quoted, conditions include quality content and diminished pricing.

What makes this report even more succinct is that Jon wasn’t always enthusiastic about the future of stereoscopic 3D gaming.  Our first exchange was through a public debate on MTBS (and Mark Fihn’s 3rd Dimension Newsletter) about the merits of stereoscopic 3D.  Jon Peddie Research later joined The S-3D Gaming Alliance, serves on its advisory board, and spoke at S3DGA’s last meeting.  Now this!

If a top analyst like Dr. Jon Peddie could go through this dramatic change of belief, the future of stereoscopic 3D gaming is very promising indeed!

We would add that to get to that 75 million mark, in the S-3D gaming market at least, industry-wide standards and practices need to be put in place, and its critical that stereoscopic 3D gaming is developed as a diverse industry, rather than a proprietary product.

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