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More FMX 2010 Coverage: Sony & God of War III!

By May 13, 2010April 4th, 2020News

This is another unique individual we met at FMX 2010.  Jean-Michel Blottiere is the Head of International Development for FMX.  In his early career, he was Associate Editor for Tilt Magazine, France’s first publication dedicated to video games released in 1982.

Jean-Michel Blottiere (left), Neil Schneider (right)

Later in life, Jean-Michel worked in television, but found that the medium wasn’t fulfilling enough for him.  Imagine interviewing someone for an hour, and having to summarize what they have to say in 15 seconds!  It’s for this reason that he transitioned himself into an event-based career.  So he could meet and learn from estreemed colleagues and professionals in the field.  Very interesting!  Clearly, his enthusiasm shows through this well run conference.

Bruno Velazquez, SCEA, FMX 2010

Speaking of FMX, today we are going to talk about another great presentation done by Bruno Velazquez, Staff Animator/Lead In-Game Animator for Sony Computer Entertainment America.  While his work on God of War III doesn’t quite connect with stereoscopic 3D gaming (yet ;=) ), what he shared really hit home.  Find out why!

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