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Microsoft XBOX 360 & LG Working Together?

By May 11, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Credit goes to MetalQueen for adding this to our newswire.  Unfortunately, it was near impossible to find a source that could credit and link to the original press release…UNTIL NOW!

LG & Microsoft 3D Press Release

Here are two Korean to English translations of the same release.  See what you think.

Google version:

LG Electronics, South Korea on the 11th, Microsoft, LG Electronics at LG Twin Tower, Yoido Full (Full) LED 3D TV, and the combination of Microsoft’s XBOX 360 game console to the Memorandum of Understanding for Marketing (MOU) signing ceremony held.

LG Electronics and Microsoft Korea to gauge the strategic partnership combines the sales, customer experience, including three-dimensional space, the composition is expected to co-marketing activities.

LG Electronics began early in the last four full-LED 3D TV (Model: 55/47LX9500) Buy customers will receive a set of target XBOX 360 3D games coming events, six decided to extend until the end. In addition, the future of 3D TV, LG Electronics and XBOX 360 games and 3D game titles, combined with plans to sell co-develop products.

LG Electronics and LG Electronics of South Korea, Microsoft XBOX 360 consoles in more than 1,000 national chain stores looking to install a massive LED 3D TV for customers through a full 3D game where you can enjoy your own experience and decided to make space. In addition, various exhibitions and sporting events also can experience their products at the same time is planning to raise a private booth.

LG Electronics, South Korea alliance with Microsoft, the core of the 3D era kontencheuin 3D games to the most realistic and can be expressed excitement and true full-motion LED 480 hertz (Hz) and LG own 3D technology to consumers an opportunity to effectively is expected to be.

Microsoft, LG Electronics of South Korea Nationwide distribution network as well take advantage of the XBOX 360 game console significantly broaden the consumer contacts the other hand, 3D games, the leader in plans to find the image.

LG Electronics, South Korea, Microsoft Korea for the joint marketing, as well as in Asia Pacific region are continuing to expand.

Marketing Strategy Team, LG Electronics HE yigwanseop the “3D effects customers, not only of high quality 3D content for the best specifications with full LED 3D TV will provide an opportunity to experience,” said, “a strategic alliance with Microsoft 3D TV images through the premium is expected to increase further,” he said.

Allen Bowman (Alan Bowman), Vice President of Asia Pacific Division, Microsoft EDD “Microsoft Korea is a worldwide leader in the consumerelectronics sector, LG Electronics, and signed the deal with the next-generation entertainment device, XBOX 360 3D TV entertainment consumers through a combination of experience a step further by providing an opportunity to improve ourselves that is meaningful,” said LG’s 3D TV and Microsoft’s XBOX 360 have signed the deal with South Korea to start, more people experience the distinctive high-quality entertainment. The opportunity to work plans to expand across the region,” he said.

YAHOO! Babelfish version:

LG Electronics join hand and Korean Microsoft and 3D TV and they come out in synergic maximization of 3D game contents. LG Electronics and Korean Microsoft grass (Full) LED of LG Electronics 3D TV and had the memorandom of under-standing: MOU (MOU) signing ceremony which does the combination marketing of XBOX 360 game machines of Microsoft with contents from the 11th Yeudo LG [thu] Wien towers.

LG Electronics and Korean Microsoft this strategic alliance the combination goods sell with opportunity, customer experience spatial creation etc. the plan which will come into the commonness marketing operation which is three-dimensional are.

LG Electronics last early in April the grass LED 3D TV (model life which starts: 55/47LX9500) until the end of June when comes extends the purchase customer objective XBOX 363 D game set presentation events, did.
Also, 3D TV of the hereafter LG Electronics and will develop the joint goods which combines XBOX 360 game machines and 3D game titles and is a plan which will sell.

LG Electronics and Korean Microsoft about 1,000 of LG Electronics in nationwide circulation network XBOX 360 game machines great movement the customers who visit the shop to establish led and grass LED 3D TV 3D games directness with they made they did the experience space which is the possibility of enjoying.

In addition, the sheep buys is a plan which will create the whole aspect booth which is the possibility of trying to experience the product simultaneously even in various exhibition and the sports event.

LG Electronics 3D games where strategic alliance with soft is the core contents of 3D time with the Korean microphone actual feeling realistic feeling most and will be able to make express the grass LED and the [thu] base wool [syen] expects 3D techniques only of 480 Hertzian (Hz) etc. LG with the fact that the chance which informs to the consumers effectively will become.

Korean Microsoft as well will widen the consumer junction of XBOX 360 game machines to apply the nationwide circulation network of LG Electronics on a large scale and meantime, will inform the first enterprise image of 3D game fields and is a plan which will go out.

LG Electronics and Korean Microsoft this joint marketing Korea of course, Asia•Will magnify in the Pacific area and is a plan which will go out.

The transfer [sep] LG Electronics HE marketing strategic team leader “the customers are not 3D effects, 3D whole aspect contents of high quality grass LED of the highest evening sunlight 3D TV leads and providing the chance will be able to experience with the microphone and”, “strategic alliance with soft leads said with the fact that will be the possibility of raising the premium 3D TV images more expects”.

The egg [leyn] only protection (Alan Bowman) the Microsoft EDD promotion department Asia-Pacific region charge executive vice-president “with LG Electronics which are a leader whose Korean Microsoft consumer home appliance field is world-wide this cooperates provides the chance which is the possibility which the entertainment experience of the consumer XBOX 360 where is a next generation entertainment machinery and tools and 3D TV combinations will lead and one phase more will raise there to be the questionable matter and”, “LG 3D TV and this Microsoft XBOX 360 cooperates Korea with start, will be able to experience the high quality entertainment where a more people are discriminated in order, that chance at Asia entire area under magnifying boil as the plan which will endeavor” Said.

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