Updated NVIDIA Stereo Drivers

By April 14, 2010April 4th, 2020News

NVIDIA's logo converted to 3D with Photoforms

NVIDIA has released version 197.45 of their stereoscopic 3D drivers!

Top features include:

  • Adds support for LG W2363D 120Hz LCD display.  Note: If you are a GeForce GTX 480/470 owner and are trying to enable 3D Vision, please download the 197.41 GeForce graphics and 3D Vision drivers.
  • Fixes a problem with ViewSonic projector timings for models PJD6210-3D, PJD6220-3D, PJD5351 and PJD5111
  • Updated driver to now include support for ViewSonic projector models PJD6381, PJD6211, PJD6221,PJD6241, PJD5112
  • New 3D Vision game support: Alice in Wonderland, StarCraft II Beta
  • Updated 3D Vision game setting text for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Metro 2033: The Last Refuge, Napoleon: Total War.  Bioshock 2 convergence settings readjusted as well. 

Zalman monitor users must download a different driver set.

    Speaking of game settings and profiles, MTBS has something cooking as well.  We hope to have a beta release ready soon.
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