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S3DGA in Forbes!

By March 25, 2010April 4th, 2020News

Little bit of exciting news today!  The S-3D Gaming Alliance was briefly featured in Forbes Online’s article about the new Nintendo 3DS!  Andrew Oliver from Blitz Games Studios also got mentioned.  No, we did not make the Fortune 500!

Irony of all ironies is that Sony, one of the modern pioneers for S-3D gaming via console, has been lukewarm to the idea of stereoscopic 3D gaming on mobile gaming solutions.  We believe that if successful, Nintendo’s 3DS and products like it could be a driving force to demonstrate and build demand for 3D in the home and actually benefit companies like Sony.  We will see!

Do you think Nintendo’s product will take off?  Do you think it will remain competitive against other 3D mobile solutions like 3D cellphones and PDAs?  Share your thoughts!

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