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Neil’s Messy Basement 43: Review of the Nvidia Shield TV Pro

By November 30, 2021December 3rd, 2021Neil's Messy Basement


In the last episode of Neil’s Messy Basement, we reviewed the Roku Streaming Stick Plus 4K Edition, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Edition, and Chromecast With Google TV. While their features are all marketed in much the same way, they each have important differences that could determine whether or not they each meet your needs. For example, you may find that your favorite content that is supposed to work in Dolby Atmos is limited to 5.1 surround sound because the content provider only supports the technology with certain stick providers – and it’s an unorganized mixed bag!

Is there a streaming solution that does more for more content providers? If we are willing to spend a premium for our streaming solution, what more could we get for the money?

These questions are answered with the Nvidia Shield TV Pro – an all around streamer that packs a lot of extra punch in the box. Spoiler alert: we love this thing! Find out why.

Here is a time index summary of the program:

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