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Neil’s Messy Basement 40: The Ultimate Setup Guide For Surround Sound, Projection, and HDTV

By March 5, 2021Neil's Messy Basement


This 55 minute episode is designed to be a single go-to reference for:

  1. Getting your surround sound system perfectly set up, calibrated, and sounding its best.
  2. Properly mounting and focusing your home cinema projector.
  3. Calibrating your projector or HDTV so that all the fine details are seen in your favorite movies and home entertainment.

This video also explains why calibration is so important and what we are trying to achieve so you can make your own adjustments according to taste.

I am confident this video will save you unbelievable amounts of time looking for this info elsewhere and endlessly tweaking your system to find the right balance. It will be liberating to know that your system is working as designed, and you are indeed getting the full experience you are seeking!

Here is the program index:

More episodes like this will follow soon. I’m very happy with what my lengthy research and development efforts have revealed for turning the PC into the ultimate core for the home theater entertainment system.

Here are the brightness / contrast calibration bars referenced in the video:

Calibration Bars

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