Neil’s Messy Basement: Episode 2

By April 25, 2016 March 24th, 2020 Neil's Messy Basement

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    good video, I think that a hmd like starvr will be the beginning of vr. maybe only 160° fov will be better with dual quadhd display.

    I hope that vireio can reveal open source project with his opensource mind.

    next Monday will be a great day :)

  • Avatar Neil says:

    I really think everyone is going to be thrilled – and I mean thrilled. After next week’s episode, there will be a dramatic improvement in the guest interview audio quality. I got a mixing board with a lapel mic on the way, so that should clean things up a great deal.

    Yes, Virieo Perception is open source. The only feature portion that is closed source is the VR Boost component, but that’s 100% free. We do this for ethical reasons.


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