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Detailed Instructions

By March 7, 2012March 24th, 2020MTBS Member Blogs

Ready to join the fun of MTBS’ Birthday Bonanza?  Great!  Here are the detailed instructions on how to get started!  After reading this, if you are having problems with the site, registration, etc., please email



If you aren’t logged in, the above menu options may not appear simultaneously.

1. If you haven’t registered on MTBS before, click “Membership” in the top menu, and press the “Register” button.
2. Once registered, click “Membership” again and choose “Account Maintenance”.

Profile Menu
3. Choose “Profile” in the left menu, and make sure your full name, address, and contact information is populated and accurate.  This data is needed so we can mail prizes and prevent duplicates.  We do not sell or distribute private membership data with third parties.

Your First Entry

Log in to Meant to be Seen’s forum, and post a single message in the “Contest Entry” sub-forum under “MTBS’ Birthday Bonanza”.  Write “3D Rocks, Baby!” in the subject line, and share a friendly greeting to your fellow members in the message.  Remember to only post ONCE!

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