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MTBS’ Birthday Bonanza

By March 6, 2012March 24th, 2020MTBS Member Blogs

Ultimate 3D Advocate Award

We have a secret bonus prize for the ultimate 3D advocate worth over $200!  Who is the ultimate 3D advocate, you ask?  We are hoping it’s you!  Judged by MTBS’ moderators and fellow members, this individual will demonstrate the following qualities:

  1. Regular poster on MTBS’ forums.  Not that fluffy filler stuff – real posts as a member of the MTBS community.
  2. Regular and accurate submissions and updates to GameGrade3D.  DDD, Nvidia, HD3D – all submissions are welcome.  Using GG3D will help fellow gamers by telling them everything they need to know to get the best 3D results.
  3. Advocate!  Make MTBS a fun place to be and help grow the community.
  4. Pizzazz!  We can’t define it, but we’ll know it when we see it!

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