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MTBS’ Birthday Bonanza

By March 6, 2012March 24th, 2020MTBS Member Blogs

Review Your Hardware

Did you buy a new 3D display recently?  Get your hands on some cool gaming hardware that you want the world to know about?  Now’s your chance!

400+ word text reviews are worth five submission points, and YouTube video reviews with the MTBS logo are worth eight.  If you are not reviewing a 3D display, there has to be a linkage to why this equipment would be interesting to a stereoscopic 3D gamer.  Samples of this could include joysticks, gaming chairs, sound cards, graphics cards, speakers – anything that would enhance a stereoscopic 3D gamer’s experience.

Again, while all submissions need to be in English, this isn’t a spelling bee, and perfect grammer and spelling isn’t a requirement.  It’s your opinions that matter most!

Review 3D Movies in Theaters & Blu-Ray

Have you seen a really good 3D movie recently?  Maybe you caught a few that weren’t so good?  Write up a 500 to 1,000 word movie review, and earn four submission points – do it in video form, and get five!

Make MTBS a Better Place

We are five years old, and MTBS is made possible by the contributions of its members – that means YOU!

MTBS and MTBS’ GameGrade3D needs cool forum signatures and avatars.  If you have the artistic skill, you’ll get 10 bonus draws for each submission provided that each work is completely unique from the last.  Attach your work to a single post in this forum.  Don’t add new posts – just edit the same post with changes and updates.

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