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Samsung Follows-Up!

By May 1, 2008March 24th, 2020Interviews

Yesterday, we posted the follow-up interview with Electronic Arts Korea regarding their collaboration with Samsung. Today, Kevin Lee (Lee Kyung Sik), Vice President of the Visual Display Division for Samsung, takes his turn to answer MTBS questions about the new Samsung Plasma 3D HDTV.

All questions posed were from MTBS members sourced HERE. You can read the original interview HERE.

1. What is a PDP, and how does it display 3D?

PDP TV is a flat panel TV that uses plasma display. As it has fast response time and smooth picture quality, it is popular among the consumers who enjoy watching sports games or playing video games.

To create a 3D image, Samsung 3D Ready TV separates the 3D image data coming from the PC into left and right images. Then it displays the left and right images alternately using the 120 Hz technology. Using this technique and the shuttering of the glasses, it displays the left image to the left eye and the right image to the right eye to make a 3D image.

2. How affordable are Samsung PDP HDTVs – can you give an expected price range in US dollars? Does this include S-3D compatibility?

PDP 450 series supports the S-3D function. The retail price for the 42 inch TV is $1,199.50 US and the 50 inch TV is $1,699 US – similar to the prices of existing 2D TVs.

In order to expand the 3D market, Samsung incorporated the 3D function into the volume drive models that are relatively cheap.

3. What are the exact Samsung 3D HDTV models that are supported?

For PDP TV, PN42A450 and PN50A450 series support 3D, while those sold in BestBuy and Circuit City, DLP TV supports 3D.

4. Will we see an EA/Samsung joint marketing campaign promoting S-3D to traditional 2D gamers?

Samsung are satisfied with the 3D graphics of EA’s game titles. Samsung is planning to carry out promotions such as BTL, Sales Guide, and exhibitions together with EA.

5. iZ3D also recently announced their entry into the third party S-3D driver market, which is great news considering the vast number of games they support and the excellent feedback from their users. Does EA/Samsung have any ambition to entertain working with them to create a more complete and compatible S-3D conversion offering?

EA/Samsung has not considered working with iZ3D yet. However, Samsung has the intention to cooperate with various contents providers and other companies to expand the 3D market.

6. I’m a programmer. Will any game that can render in checkerboard S-3D work, or does the Samsung PDP HDTV need some special USB command to make it work in S-3D?

Samsung 3D Ready HDTVs support all checkerboard S-3D content. There is no need for a special USB command.

7. During 2008 CES, Samsung announced two series of PDP HDTV. It seems to me that only the lower-end 720p series are S-3D compatible, not the 1080p series. Will there be 1080p S-3D compatible PDP HDTVs from Samsung?

Samsung has supported 1080p S-3D in DLP TVs since 2007. Also Samsung introduced 720p 3-D Ready PDP HDTV into the market in 2008. It is currently considering producing PDP HDTV that supports 1080p in the future.

8. Are the Samsung S-3D DLP HDTVs being phased out? Will Samsung continue to equally support both S-3D DLP HDTV and S-3D PDP HDTV solutions?

Samsung plans to continue to support S-3D DLP HDTVs in the future. But, the degree of support may change depending on the market response.

9. If I get the 3D ready DLP HDTV, will I still be able to play the same S-3D games coming in the future like Crysis on my tv? Or is it only viewable/playable on the PDP screens?

If the PC graphics card or the software supports games like Crysis with the checkerboard method, you can enjoy S-3D games in the 3D ready DLP HDTV just like PDP.

Special thanks go to Samsung for making a second appearance on MTBS. Post your thoughts on this interview HERE!

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