MTBS-TV: Interview With Next3D at CES 2014

By February 18, 2014 March 24th, 2020 Interviews

If you don’t have a 3D display, choose “no glasses” and “left image only” in YouTube’s 3D viewing options.

Neil Schneider interviews David Cole and DJ Roller about their new VR camera rig technology called Full Court.  Full Court lets you record events and later view them in stereoscopic 3D VR form with head tracking ability.  Neil gets to see it in action!

This…as far as we know…is the final interview from CES 2014!  GDC is next!

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  • j1vvy says:

    You rolled your head and the 3D still worked. Describe more how that experience was. Was moving from side to side and forward & back also reflected correctly? Does that mean they are using depthmap?

    Full Court only displays a third the width at a time, what will happen when the Rift increases the resolution to a 4k screen? Will Full Court be broadcasting at 12k resolution?


  • Avatar Neil says:


    Hi Jim,

    I can’t answer your questions. Maybe I could arrange for David Cole to share his experiences so far. Let me see what I can do.


  • DavidCole says:

    Hello – David Cole here from Next3D. i’ll answer what I can:


    We are decomposing the stereo scene – and we do have some ability to synthesize off-axis views (both rotationally AND in x,y,z space).


    We’re not on a sourced display yet – but – again, we do have some minor ability to synthesize views on the fly that are not centered on the captured stereoscopic views.


    This one’s tricky to comment on at the moment, except to say that our transmission scheme for the overall 360×180-degree scene is not limited to 4K.

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