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MTBS-TV: Interview With Michael Page

By August 13, 2012March 24th, 2020Interviews
Michael Page, Assistant Professor, OCADU
Now this is REALLY cool.  With everyone so focused on virtual reality and bulky head mounted displays, it’s so easy to forget the importance of touch.  Michael is one of the partners of iGO3D, and he has this exciting gizmo that mixes holgrams and haptics in a creative way.
This is just a teaser for things to come out of the iGO3D initiative.  iGO3D is partially funded by The Ontario Media Development Corporation and the Ontario Centres of Excellence.  It is one of the first initiatives focused on 3D gaming research and features leading universities and game developers from Ontario.  The iGO3D site is just a placeholder now, but it is undergoing a major upgrade and will be ready shortly with some big announcements.
If at all possible, watch the above video in stereoscopic 3D.  Otherwise you will miss the coolness factor.  Share your thoughts below!

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