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3D Entertainment Summit, Day II

By September 24, 2009Editorial

By Neil Schneider

From Katzenberg’s Mouth, to Nobody’s Ear…

Bob Dowling, Chairman of the 3D Entertainment Summit (left),
Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation (right)

Call it selective hearing or selective deafness, but when a top 3D movie studio keynote who has made a huge personal investment in stereoscopic 3D says “3D in the home will be driven by sports and gaming”…two years in a row…you have to ask why MTBS is the first to report on this.

I could understand the selective hearing of companies with a vested interest in at-home S-3D cinema, but how could the respected media miss such a clear-cut remark? How could they not report on one of the biggest movie studios in the world with a vested interest in at-home cinema clearly highlighting S-3D gaming as the holy grail of industry success? Are these credible words too dangerous to put in print?

Second S-3D Gaming Panel

Moderated by Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies, panelists included Andrew Fear, Product Manager of NVIDIA’s GeForce 3D Vision, Patrick Naud, Executive Producer of Avatar: The Game at Ubisoft, and Alex Shows, Office of the CTO and Stereoscopic 3D Technologist, Dell.

Second S-3D gaming panel at 3D Entertainment Summit

There wasn’t a great deal of news coming out of this panel because it was somewhat rushed for time. However, as informed and as credible as all the presenters were, Alex Shows from Dell was the most passionate. A “stereoscopic 3D technologist” at Dell! Amazing! There was also talk of a stereoscopic 3D notebook computer – so we will see!

Meeting Some Cool People

Thom Chapman, Director of Marketing for Toonbox Entertainment

Toonbox Entertainment makes an animated TV series called “Bolts and Blip”.

Left to right: Jordi Ortega (Torobravo), Neil Schneider (MTBS/S3DGA),
Mike Kim (Hyundai), Andrew Oliver (Blitz Games Studios)

Jordi Ortega runs a successful production company, Mike Kim is the Director of Business Development for Hyundai IT America, and Andrew Oliver is the Co-Founder and CTO of Blitz Games Studios, makers of Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao! Invincible Tiger is the first console game to take advantage of modern stereoscopic 3D technologies.

Buzz Hayes, Senior Producer, Sony Pictures Imageworks and
Neil Schneider, MTBS

Buzz Hayes is a Senior Producer at Sony Pictures Imageworks. You know the movie Beowulf? He did that one! You know the movie Monster House? He did that one too! Well respected in our industry.

Cool Gizmos!

Acer S-3D notebook running with DDD drivers.

This is the first stereoscopic 3D notebook I have seen up close so far. I did not have enough time to view it in great detail, but it definitely works! The only caveat to be careful of with notebook computers is their reduced horsepower. DDD has a “Virtual 3D” mode that maintains 2D performance with a pseudo 3D effect, but further testing will be required to see how well the machine actually performs in true stereoscopic 3D. At a minimum, an S-3D notebook would make a world of difference for doing stereoscopic 3D demonstrations and more – very intriguing technology.

The S-3D Gaming Alliance Meeting

Neil Schneider’s S3DGA Presentation

As you can see, we had a great turn out for the first S-3D Gaming Alliance Meeting. Presentations were made by Habib Zargarpour (EA), Andrew Oliver (Blitz Games Studios), Ami Dror (XpanD), Chris Yewdall (DDD), Nandhu Nandhakumar (LG), and myself.

The feedback we have had so far has been extremely positive. I will not reveal who was in attendance as the participants need to determine if or how they wish to get involved, but I will say that nearly all of our industry’s most influential companies were in the room.

Chris Yewdall, CEO of DDD (left) and Neil Schneider, President S3DGA

All in all, the 3D Entertainment Summit was another critical success, and I look forward to next year’s event. Share your thoughts in our discussion forums, and check out all the summit pictures in our gallery!

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