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CES 2009, Part 3: SONY, LG, NVIDIA

By January 17, 2009Editorial

By Neil Schneider

Part three of three from CES!

  • Sony 3D
  • LG Electronics

    Sony 3D CES 2009 Display

    Sony made a lot of hype headlines with a range of 3D HDTVs. They were nothing less than impressive, though the exhibit was purely for hype. The big story was how they did it!

    Sony 3D Exhibit at CES 2009

    Everyone, including MTBS, was extremely impressed by Sony’s 3D display. The color quality, the clarity, the sharpness and glitz of it all was just overwhelming. Like a convict in a penitentiary for the first day, I had to establish dominance. I grabbed the biggest and most credible looking guy I could find, and asked “How does it work?”

    “I’m sorry, we are not permitted to discuss how the technology works. These are just ideas Sony is putting out to measure interest,” he said.

    “Is this material connected to a Blu-ray,” I asked.

    “I’m sorry, I hate to repeat myself, but I can’t discuss this.”

    “Do you have samples of material with small text I can look at?”

    To this, he smiled and responded: “There is some text between clips, and you are right to ask.”

    Verdict: INTERLACED (i.e. half vertical resolution), but don’t let that stop you!

    LG Electronics

    Nandhu Nandhakumar, LG’s SVP of Advanced Technology (left), and
    Neil Schneider, President & CEO of MTBS

    Next was LG Electronics. This time we had a personal tour of their exhibit with Nandhu Nandhakumar, LG’s SVP of Advanced Technology. LG was all over the map at CES with a lot of exciting products to show.

    LG Portable Digital TV Tuners

    LG Plug-in Digital TV Tuner

    On the 2D side, LG is synonymous with the word innovation. First, Nandhu showed us portable digital TV tuners. What makes them unique is in the digital broadcast spectrum, LG has developed an accepted standard for special portable tuner broadcasting. In Nandhu’s words, “they are not 3D YET”. For fellow notebook and netbook users, LG has also developed a special plug-in digital receiver.

    LG Watch Cell Phones

    Any Dick Tracey fans out there? LG has developed a series of wrist watch cell phones! They are very cool looking, and I keep fantasizing about myself calling my car up to the door when trapped in a drug store with my wife: “Kitt! Get me out of here!” (Look up Knight Rider on Wikipedia, and you will get the joke.)

    LG Networked Blue-Ray, Wireless HDTV Solutions

    Nandhu was particularly proud of the wireless HDTV units, and I immediately appreciated the simplicity and brilliance of it. Mounting your TV anywhere without the wires!

    LG 240Hz HDTVs

    The 3D side was equally interesting. We sampled their auto-stereoscopic 3D solution which is designed for the advertising industry, and they lined a wall up with 240Hz HDTVs that according to Nandhu, are fully capable of working with LCD shutter glasses.

    LG 3D LCD (Interlaced)

    They had two 3D HDTVs on display. The first was a polarized LCD panel, and the second was a plasma unit running with LCD shutter glasses. Very impressed in both cases, and it was a big plus to have a wide range of movement to work with – though I imagine I was the only one jumping up and down in different directions at the crowded LG booth to test this out.



    Last stop on the list was NVIDIA and their much touted NVIDIA GEFORCE 3D solution. We sampled different LCD monitor solutions and a Mitsubishi 3D HDTV. Despite our repeated requests, NVIDIA has not supplied samples to MTBS, and it would be irresponsible for us to state an opinion on their solution until we try it out under proper conditions.

    However, we will be moderating a special gaming panel at the 20th Anniversary Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Conference next week, and if you have a question to ask NVIDIA, feel free to post in the official thread. iZ3D, DDD, and Lightspeed Design will also be participating in the same panel.

    Neil Schneider, at NVIDIA GEFORCE 3D VISION Booth

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