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Can NVIDIA Reprogram the World? NOT!

By April 30, 2008Editorial

EDIT: While I still back the original message of this editorial, I made some minor additions and clarifications.

I read an article on CNET today which left me feeling concerned about the core messages being put out through the media. I don’t know if this was NVIDIA’s doing or if there was a misunderstanding by the journalist, but in reference to NVIDIA’s stereoscopic driver requirements, here is what was claimed:

“The important part is that game developers won’t have to do anything differently. They just continue to make their games the way they want, and Nvidia will take care of the rest. It’s just an option for gamers though–it doesn’t mean all games have to be three-dimensional.”

If any game developers read this article, please ignore the above statement.

I wasn’t part of the conversation and who knows what NVIDIA said versus what was printed. However, as an industry, we must be extremely cautious about the messages we choose to convey. I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say that had game developers followed simple programming standards from the beginning, and had NVIDIA not been faced with the sole burden of making stereoscopic 3D gaming possible, our industry would have been in much better shape several years ago. Maybe MTBS would have never been necessary!

It is critical that games are rendered with a stereoscopic 3D mindset. Having options to turn post processing on and off, rendering the HUD and cross-hair at the correct depth, and other key elements all play a role in having a good visual result. MTBS is already going through a new programming guide revision taking into account both iZ3D and NVIDIA driver solutions.

Even after the games are released, we have a certification program to determine how compatible games are with different S-3D technology and we are releasing S-3D game reviews too. Every one of these activities are necessary, and we have barely scratched the surface of what we are working to accomplish.

I’m nearly 100% sure the article was a misunderstanding. At least, I hope it was a misunderstanding. Without game developers playing a role, it will be hopeless for NVIDIA to get through a growing pile of badly rendered games combined with thousands of angry customers waiting six months longer than they have to for a good S-3D gaming experience. Even with 2D games, NVIDIA values game developer relationships through their TWIMTBP initiative to optimize their results. Ach…I’m sure it was a misunderstanding.

Was it? Post your thoughts HERE.

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